Quality Crafted Custom Medals

Quality crafted custom Medals and Medallions or Coins as they are often known are an excellent way to commemorate your special events and achievements. Whether an important Anniversary for your Association, Club or Business bespoke medals or coins are an ideal memento of the occasion. For Special Events being held by your Company, Association, Club or School an attractive, personalised medal or coin will be an ideal commemorative gift or award to treasure. Medallions and Medals are the perfect way to reward achievement and participation in all types of events. To be any shape or size you would like, 38mm diameter,45mm diameter, 50mm diameter, 60 mm diameter for example.

Promote or Commemorate Your Event

BJ Sports & Leisure will design your special medals, single or double sided ,with either all metal 2d or 3d designs in a variety of finishes or incorporating enamels or printing techniques to best reproduce your preferred design. The choice of finishes enables your design, logo or crest to be shown to its best advantage and hence further promote or commemorate your event and also your brand.


We can supply fitted boxes to best present your medals or medallions and ribbons as required.

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